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If you are looking for a copywriter in London, look no further than here because my experience in delivering wording wizardry to clients means you’ll be over the moon with what I produce for you. Being a high quality London copywriter consists of professionalism, creativity and timeliness. Due to the fact that I have worked with companies in various industries, it doesn’t matter if you are looking for a restaurant copywriter, a barbershop copywriter or any other kind of specialism because I have the experience and the adaptability to learn your style, your tone of voice and your messaging points rapidly.

Sometimes, my clients require a copywriter in London who can also assist with brand naming, brand identity and general brand concept creation. Whether you are a start-up or an SME, you need to prioritise perfecting the foundations of your brand and I can certainly help with that. If you are looking for branding help in London or a versatile London branding agency, get in touch and let’s see what we can conjure up for you. I am fortunate to work alongside two world class designers who can create visual assets and truly make your brand unique with its own personality.

The art of being a London copywriter is steeped in history; we are a city of incredible talents when it comes to literature and language. I am proud to be holding that baton in the 21st century and charging forward, forging new, unprecedented levels of quality to place myself as the number one copywriter in London.

Get in touch via the form below or if you are in a rush and want a chat right now, just call me on +447432380801

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I have been writing articles for over a decade. Whether it’s a blog for a business or an advertorial for a journalistic publication, the process contains the same ingredients: a detailed understanding of the audience, the topic and the purpose of the piece. Having written for a variety of outlets, I am able to seamlessly adapt my written style and tone of voice.

Asian Wealth Magazine

I was tasked with interviewing the partners of this tax advisory firm and writing it up in the form of an advertorial, The purpose of the article was to illuminate the success of the consultancy while describing the key things businesses must bear in mind when choosing a tax adviser.

The Wisley

The Wisley is a luxurious golf club which must compete fiercely to attract high net worth members. In order to achieve this, I was commissioned to write an advertorial to highlight the key selling points of the club in a subtle manner.

Having written numerous blog posts for this client, this is an example of an article which required research and story-telling in a concise manner. This piece went on to be featured on Wikipedia.

Pall Mall Barbers


The messaging on your website and elsewhere is your first point of contact with prospective customers. My approach to getting the messaging right is simple and works well in terms of UX; I find out what the key messages are and separate them with sub-headings so a viewer can quickly grasp the essence of what you do. If a brand has more than one target audience, it’s important to segment the messaging so the reader accesses what’s relevant to them.


This company wanted to use its messaging to compete with a rival brand. After deciphering the three competitive advantages it had, I focused on those for the main messages while incorporating additional selling points after.


Vault is a platform which needed to convey messages to three different audiences: employees (the end user), HR managers (the gatekeeper) and CEO’s (the decision maker). I devised different messaging and tones of voice for each through segmentation while making sure the main general messaging as on-brand.

This wedding cinematography company wanted to spruce up its messaging to wow its prospective clients. The messaging needed transforming from dull to a story-telling, fairy-tale style of experiential writing. I achieved this while incorporating the key selling points and making it simple for the reader to follow and get excited.

Kampii Media

Tone of Voice

It’s not just what you say but how you say it. Your tone of voice is the manner in which you communicate to your customers and it requires a great deal of attention to get it right. I take into consideration your audience, your brand’s personality and the mood you desire to drum up online, in print and even face-to-face.


After creating the main copy and messaging for Filmbankmedia who wanted to undergo a revamp, I devised this document to solidify the desired tone of voice for the brand.


LottoSocial wanted to redo their branding which meant new messaging and a defined TOV. The key elements I decided to incorporate were trust, fun and clarity.

This brand wanted to convey the medical and cosmetic benefits of its products. I decided that the best route to achieving this would be through a tone which signified transparency, professionalism and friendliness.


Packs and Presentations

Landlord packs and brand presentations are created to convey a company’s identity, mission and story. It’s a great way to put forward the case for investment or partnership, in an attractive, appealing and convincing manner.

Jack The Clipper

Working with an ambitious, expansive barbershop chain, I have been required to create copy for landlord packs on multiple occasions. I work closely with renowned graphic designers who take care of the visual elements while I write the copy.

The Linen Room

The Linen Room (now called Linen Co) is a dynamic, eco-friendly dry cleaner. My inspiration for the content in this pack was fresh, cleanliness and deluxe service. I worked closely with my designer to ensure the ‘look and feel’ matched the messaging.

This pitch deck was created to present to a board of directors, in order to persuade them about the concept of an Aveda women’s salon. My graphic designer and I put in copious amounts of effort to create the right branding in terms of tone, imagery and messaging.


I could be your ghostwriter!


Want to have your own book? You do the talking, I do the writing.

- Fast turnaround time (6-8 months from start to finish)

- Luxurious, comfortable office setting near central London for meeting and interviewing

- Connected with various designers to make the book look as good as it reads

- Having your own book could transform your career and start an exciting new chapter in your life!


Contact me for a sample of previous ghostwriting work




Read more of my personal written work here - https://www.linkedin.com/in/rikybains/detail/recent-activity/posts/

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