I have been writing articles for over a decade. Whether it’s a blog for a business or an advertorial for a journalistic publication, the process contains the same ingredients: a detailed understanding of the audience, the topic and the purpose of the piece. Having written for a variety of outlets, I am able to seamlessly adapt my written style and tone of voice.

Asian Wealth Magazine

I was tasked with interviewing the partners of this tax advisory firm and writing it up in the form of an advertorial, The purpose of the article was to illuminate the success of the consultancy while describing the key things businesses must bear in mind when choosing a tax adviser.

The Wisley

The Wisley is a luxurious golf club which must compete fiercely to attract high net worth members. In order to achieve this, I was commissioned to write an advertorial to highlight the key selling points of the club in a subtle manner.

Having written numerous blog posts for this client, this is an example of an article which required research and story-telling in a concise manner. This piece went on to be featured on Wikipedia.

Pall Mall Barbers