What Do You Do?

As I sit on this slow train from Birmingham to London after a few days of ‘letting my hair down’, I find time begging my mind to unravel. I’ll spare you the details of my rendezvous with Johnnie Walker and co; here’s the business end of what’s occurred the last few days.

Lessons learned this week:

  • I don’t know myself well enough; I haven’t defined what I do in a sexy, concise way. Ironic, as this is what I do day in day out for my clients.
  • I need something physical, more than the standard business card and statutory smile, to leave with my clients after meeting them. E.G. a brochure, portfolio etc
  • I need to do more new business development and not simply rely on my peers and existing client base to send me referrals, irrespective of how fruitful this is.

Let’s tackle the first one: 

What Do You Do

I think we, as service providers, are so engulfed in what our clients do and the value we deliver; we are often guilty of neglecting what WE do or at least having a sound definition for it. I can tell you without hesitation what Tastaly, the Sicilian food manufacturer does, or what Asians in Business, the global networking platform provides; and I can tell you in a way that would blow your mind. Because that's my job.

Ask me the same question of my own business and it all gets a bit wish washy. I think I perhaps shy away from wanting to concisely and clearly define what I do for fear of putting myself in a box while the whole reason I started my own business was to be or think outside the box. I am ready to bark about my clients but can only manage a mere miaow when it comes to my own mission. Lesson learned and I will change this.

I wanted to share this with you because it reverts back to one of the earliest articles I published on here about the importance of 'why' we do things. If I didn't have this epiphany or this kick up the rear this weekend, maybe I would have funnelled down the path of losing sight of my purpose and why I set upon this journey in the first place.