[Part 2] How To Get Your Millennials To Run Through Walls For You

Here is part 1 - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-get-your-millennials-run-through-walls-you-riky-bains?trk=prof-post 


Travel Opportunities

In 2015 we are more connected than ever, through the internet and globalisation our minds no longer remain behind the walls of our local area. It is in our nature to discover and then explore; millennials want this more than any other demographic that went before them. 

How many young people do you know who have done internships abroad now or placement years in another country? 

Whether you are a start up hiring an enthusiastic student or a huge corporation training a pool of grads; please keep in mind that they want to see and feel more than just the click of their mouse or the ker-ching of their pay cheque. 

Don't Dismiss Their Academic Qualifications

There is nothing more disheartening to a graduate who has just concluded 20+ years of education than to hear: 'Oh, we're not too worried about your academic achievements'. 

This is a statement that I no longer tolerate in interviews. How would you feel if you were told that everything you achieved so far in your life was worth next to nothing? 

Academic qualifications from GCSE's to degrees are proud possessions of a millennial, placed and enshrined on their mental mantel piece.


This is probably the most important point to me personally. This generation produces entrepreneurs like politicians do promises. Every millennial wants to own something and take responsibility over whatever work they're doing.Giving them a degree of responsibility and increasing this until you feel comfortable is a sure way of keeping them keen and loyal to the journey of your company. 

They might not be self-employed when they are working for you but it would be invaluable if you could take elements of 'being the boss' and implement them into their role. This could mean involving them in managerial processes or delegating some creative control - it's difficult for me to give detailed examples as to how to do this without knowing about you and your business.


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