Why Content Is Still King Of The Online Jungle [Part 1]

Whether you have a product to sell, a brand to promote or a cause to champion - you need good content and you need it regularly. There is no point roaring loudly on the internet unless you have something to roar about. 

The number of social media users in the world is just shy of 2 Billion. 
Everybody is shouting at them for attention, the noise is horrendous. 
But what are YOU saying and how are you saying it differently to anyone else? 

Survival Of The Fittest

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? 

You really need to know yourself in the on-line jungle. Take a real, in-depth, hard look at yourself, your business and your story.

  1. What are you good at? 
  2. What are your rivals better at? 
  3. What are your rivals bad at which you happen to be good at?  

Once you have figured these things out you are then in a position to create the spine of your content, your brand. The beauty of my method is that the answers you arrive at will render the content authentic - this is key. In the on-line jungle, the inhabitants know what's real and are more conscious than ever about where they choose to spend their time and money. Authentic content and real story-telling will let existing clients and potential clients know that they are in safe hands.

  • Here is a task I perform with my clients: 

    Take a blank A4 piece of paper. In 60 seconds write down as many words (draw doodles if you so desire) that come to mind when you think about you and your business. Adjectives, verbs, places, celebrities, emotions. Compile a Picasso-esque portrayal. 

    [Message me to find out what to do next, I'm not going to give ALL of my strategies away publicly]


In the next segment of 'Why Content Is Still King Of The Online Jungle',  I will discuss the necessity to evolve.

Part Two coming soon