How to find a good copywriter in London

How can you find the best copywriter in London?

The title ‘best copywriter in London’ has been a sought after medal since the dawn of the dictionary. From Oliver Twist to Ogilvy, London’s linguistic history is a meandering, magical one. As London’s best copywriter, it is my job to extrapolate the wizardry from wordsmanship, combine it with practicality and stoic salesmanship to bring you real results.

The best copywriter in London should be somebody who not only conjures up sentences which sparkle and grab attention but actually converts traffic into enquiries and sales. Unlike most other London copywriters, I come from a real sales background – having worked in various sales positions from retail to corporate. I learned how to put together sales scripts, I immersed myself in the strategies of sales and the psychology of persuasion. These are invaluable assets which grant me the title of ‘best copywriter in London’.

Here are some of the questions which should qualify somebody to be the best copywriter in London:

1.       Tone of Voice – do they understand your brand’s tone of voice and audience?

2.       Have they asked about your customers’ gain and pain points?

3.       Have they spoken to you about calls to action?

4.       Have they asked to liaise with your web designer/ graphic designer? If you don’t have one, do they have a team of their own?

5.       Have they spoken to you about SEO?