The messaging on your website and elsewhere is your first point of contact with prospective customers. My approach to getting the messaging right is simple and works well in terms of UX; I find out what the key messages are and separate them with sub-headings so a viewer can quickly grasp the essence of what you do. If a brand has more than one target audience, it’s important to segment the messaging so the reader accesses what’s relevant to them.


This company wanted to use its messaging to compete with a rival brand. After deciphering the three competitive advantages it had, I focused on those for the main messages while incorporating additional selling points after.


Vault is a platform which needed to convey messages to three different audiences: employees (the end user), HR managers (the gatekeeper) and CEO’s (the decision maker). I devised different messaging and tones of voice for each through segmentation while making sure the main general messaging as on-brand.

This wedding cinematography company wanted to spruce up its messaging to wow its prospective clients. The messaging needed transforming from dull to a story-telling, fairy-tale style of experiential writing. I achieved this while incorporating the key selling points and making it simple for the reader to follow and get excited.

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