Packs and Presentations

Landlord packs and brand presentations are created to convey a company’s identity, mission and story. It’s a great way to put forward the case for investment or partnership, in an attractive, appealing and convincing manner.

Jack The Clipper

Working with an ambitious, expansive barbershop chain, I have been required to create copy for landlord packs on multiple occasions. I work closely with renowned graphic designers who take care of the visual elements while I write the copy.

The Linen Room

The Linen Room (now called Linen Co) is a dynamic, eco-friendly dry cleaner. My inspiration for the content in this pack was fresh, cleanliness and deluxe service. I worked closely with my designer to ensure the ‘look and feel’ matched the messaging.

This pitch deck was created to present to a board of directors, in order to persuade them about the concept of an Aveda women’s salon. My graphic designer and I put in copious amounts of effort to create the right branding in terms of tone, imagery and messaging.