LILAC stands for 'Language Is Like A Colour'.

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LILAC is a campaign to end the slaughter and to minimise the maltreatment of the English language. LILAC promotes the ability to write and speak with fluency and flair and we want to implement this from the classroom to the boardroom. 

In essence, I want to create a platform which provides resources and man hours to give future generations a pride and a passion for the way they speak and write. 

I have always had a discreet affair with articulation. To speak with fluency, let alone flair, is an act silently condemned in adolescence through insecurity and paranoia which paralyses many young people into a trance of craving to be ‘cool’. A desire later considered to be of no merit but by which time; many years of potential learning and development of one’s oratory and written skills have been squandered.

The LILAC campaign replaces the tongue and the typist with a paintbrush and an artist. The whole world is your canvas, words are immortal and authors and orators live forever through their work. This is the education which this campaign wants to deliver.


  • You are a parent and can see the lifelong benefits LILAC would provide to your children - get in touch,  I want to hear from you
  • You think schools should see about including LILAC in their curriculum - get in touch, I want to hear from you
  • If you are a business owner or a manager and think LILAC would help your team better express itself and communicate more freely - get in touch, I want to hear from you


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