LILAC 8 Week Course


LILAC 8 Week Course


LILAC stands for Language Is Like A Colour. Walk away with the ability to craft words and express yourself better.  

This course is for people who show a strong interest in the English language and want to take it to the next level. After this course you will have a competitive advantage over your peers - this is invaluable.

Become a master of:

  • Tone - how, when and why
  • Vocabulary - having more ammunition allows you to hit more targets
  • Speeches - pitch, pace and delivery
  • Interviews - techniques, tips and tools to secure that job
  • Persuasion - how to sell, how to convince and the psychology behind a good argument


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8 Week Course:

  • Face-To-Face sessions (dependent on location)
  • Regular Skype sessions
  • Regular Newsletters and Updates
  • Set Challenges
  • Performance Tracking

LILAC is not concerned about a qualification or a curriculum. This course is designed and pledged to give you or your child a head start in real world communications and applications of the English language. LILAC will explore your passion and multiply it with experience and a practical education in manipulating language to your advantage. You will see the benefits straight away in social situations and in professional environments. LILAC enables you to be in the best position for long term success.